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Medium & Deep Chemical Peels

Medium chemical peels used most often are the 30% to 35% TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peels and the straight 89% phenol peel. These are used to treat brown spots, uneven pigmentation, mild wrinkles and mild acne scars. Healing time is less than 7 days, and mild redness fades in 4 to 6 weeks. This popular peel can be repeated to get more improvement in deeper wrinkles.

The deeper peels are the Hetter Peel, the Baker-Gordon Phenol Peel and the modified Baker-Gordon Peel. These are the most effective methods for treating moderate to severe wrinkles as well as some types of acne scars. We find that these chemical peels produce better results than laser peels do, with less healing time and less redness. As long as an individual does not continue to be excessively exposed to the sun, the results last indefinitely, and the peel will not have to be repeated.

The medium and deep peels above are performed under local anaesthesia in one of our outpatient surgery centers. 

Deep Chemical Peels

At Mangat-Kuy-Holzapfel Plastic Surgery Center, we use the Hetter Peel for deep skin resurfacing.  The solution is a unique combination of Phenol and Croton Oil that can be varied based on the individual patient’s amount of rejuvenation needed and their particular skin type.  This type of peel is usually used to treat patients who have coarse facial wrinkles, severe sun damage, or pre-cancerous growths on their face.  The dramatic results from this type of peel produce a smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin surface.

Skin type and color and ethnic backgrounds are important factors to be considered when undergoing a deep chemical peel.

The Hetter Chemical Peel

By changing the concentration of the main ingredients of Baker's formula, Dr. Hetter has developed a formula for chemical peel procedures which gives much better results but uses lower concentrations of the main ingredients, resulting in a shorter recovery period. There are several advantages in applying Hetter's formula for chemical peel, rather than Baker's:
  • Better, more efficient peel
  • Safety and precision in application reduces side affects to a minimum
  • Recovery is quicker
Because the concentrations of the main ingredients are strictly regulated, an additional advantage of this procedure over a laser peel is that there is little danger of permanent discoloration of the skin or long lasting redness on the face, which can happen with laser treatments.

Baker-Gordon Peel

The Baker-Gordon Peel is based on a unique combination of phenol, croton oil, septisol and water.  This peel is a very deep peel used on a select number of patients. This peel is best for patients with very deep wrinkles, fair skin and no aversion to makeup. This peel yields remarkable results, but does have significant side effects, including loss of skin pigmentation, prolonged redness, and risk of scarring.


Dermabrasion is performed by mechanical removal of multiple layers of the skin. This procedure is reserved for resurfacing of post-traumatic and surgical scars. Healing occurs in 7 to 10 days. 


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In her practice of plastic surgery, Dr. Lied is particularly interested in body contouring, facial rejuvenation and breast reconstruction.

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